£259.00 incl VAT @ 5%*
Per pallet (96 packs)
Free delivery within UK mainland

A cost effective, cleaner and easier to handle alternative to traditional logs – they take away the uncertainty of damp logs and all the work involved in chopping, splitting and stacking.

Briquettes are still a relatively new product to the UK market but people who try our top quality briquettes love them – you get the great heat and flames you love but without the hassle!

Verdo wood briquettes are drier (moisture content less than 10%) and more compact than normal logs which means they burn for a lot longer. Verdo wood briquettes are easy to light, burn with an intense heat and produce a minimum amount of ash (less than 0.7%).   

When you work out the £ for heating output it’s the best deal in town – compared to traditional logs Verdo wood briquettes can be up to 40% cheaper.

Verdo wood briquettes are manufactured from virgin softwood and meet all the top standards of sustainability and quality such as FSC, Grown in Britain and HETAS ‘Woodsure+’.

The briquettes are supplied in easily managed packs, each containing 6 briquettes and weighing approximately 10kg. The dimensions of our briquettes are 7cm x 7cm x 30cm (length). The briquettes are brittle and can easily be broken by hand for smaller stoves. There are 96 packs on each pallet – total pallet weight just under one tonne. The briquettes are delivered on a pallet and will arrive 3 – 5 days after ordering.

The briquettes must be stored in dry conditions.

We feel so confident you will like them that we offer a sample pack at £10 with £10 off your next order of a full pallet. Order your briquettes at no risk today!

Our Carriers

Most of our products are now delivered by Palletways through the UK pallet network. Verdo Renewables Limited has arranged a really good delivery system with them, whereby the goods are taken overnight to your local depot. They will usually then contact you before delivery. They will also have a tail-lift and hydraulic trolley to make your fuel delivery as easy as possible.

If you have restricted access, please tell us so that we can ascertain what size of truck will be able to deliver to you either a 17 tonne lorry or alternatively a 7.5 tonne lorry. If there are other restrictions like very low overhanging trees, slope or a gravel driveway, please let us know beforehand so we can tell the delivery company.


Please be aware that delays to delivery are possible and are not within our control.


Please check your delivery carefully to ensure that nothing has been damaged during transit. When you sign for receipt of the delivery, please be aware that you are signing to say that the products have arrived in good condition. If there is damage then make sure you sign for the delivery as damaged; you will then need to let us know within three working days. As almost everyone has a phone with a camera these days, take a quick photograph of the damage and attach it to an email so we can contact our haulier. As you can imagine, a pallet that has been picked up and moved a number of times would expect to incur a little bit of scraping to some of the packaging, so we would not expect to be contacted unless the pallet has incurred significant damage.


Although the drivers are usually very helpful, please be aware that they will not unpack the pallet. The driver will have a pallet truck and will wheel the pallet up to your premises if that is a reasonable distance and if the surface allows. If you have gravel or soft surface then the driver will not be able to unload the pallet off the lorry, please check before the driver arrives to ensure there is a solid flat surface.


All prices displayed include delivery to a mainland UK address.

"Great Briquettes"
The briquettes break in two easily which is important with a smaller wood stove like ours. They expand quite a lot during burning so I'd suggest breaking them in two the first time you try them. They give off a good flame and loads of heat. They also produce very little ash and don't seem to smoke up the stove glass. The review would have been 5 stars but the delivery company didn't let us know when they were delivering. They dumped the pallet outside our front door meaning we had to carry all the briquettes by hand to our garage and they were left exposed to the elements until we got home. Verdo apologised but didn't seem that surprised? Other than the delivery problems I'd highly recommend Verdo briquettes.
Small Wood Stove
30th November 2016
Fantastic value and heat from these in our multi fuel 11 kw stove. We burn about two and a half packs per day but it is our main heating for the whole house (big house!). There is no smell and very very little mess. Far superior to burning logs.
S M Jones
30th November 2016
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