Why should you use wood pellets and briquettes?

Made from virgin softwood

VERDO love trees! We use only sustainably grown trees from the UK and Europe such as pine, where more trees are planted than we cut down to make a growing Carbon sink.

They're Renewable

VERDO wood products meet the toughest sustainability and emissions standards, such as the BSL, RHI Emissions Certificates and Woodsure. Modern biomass boilers also offer high efficiency and performance.

Modern renewable fuel

Unlike oil, gas and coal our wood fuels won’t run out. In the UK more trees are planted than cut down and they keep growing! A true renewable energy to save our climate.

Environmentally Friendly

The successful Paris Climate Talks committed the world to massive cuts in carbon dioxide. Verdo wood fuels deliver on that by offering 80%-90% CO2 cuts compared to oil and gas.

Why should you use wood pellets and briquettes? 

Buying wood pellets – why VERDO?
At VERDO, we believe that buying wood pellets should be as easy and inexpensive as possible without compromising on the quality of the product and our environment.
We produce, store and deliver wood pellets in accordance with European regulations while staying transparent in every aspect of the process – and we will gladly assist you in your wood pellet purchase.
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