The black market in wood pellets is an unsustainable situation

There is an increasing prevalence of a black trade in wood pellets, which impacts taxes, sustainability and the quality of the wood pellets themselves.  The black market in wood pellets takes place despite the efforts of the authorities to eliminate it and it is an unsustainable situation in many ways.
Inferior quality wood pellets are detrimental to your stove, leading to lower efficiency and increased service and maintenance costs, which are obviously unwelcome.  So, it makes sense to invest a little extra money and ensure that you only use sustainable, high quality wood pellets, and by doing this you will get more energy, and greener energy for your money.
You should also bear in mind the wider impact of using wood pellets sourced from the black market.  Such wood pellets are sold without having taxes paid on them, which means the Treasury is missing millions of pounds each year, from which to fund our public services, such as health care, education, and infrastructure, which we all benefit from.

How does the black market in wood pellets work?

The black market in wood pellets only works by avoiding taxes.  This is a false economy where the seller thinks they are doing both themselves and the buyer a little favour.  However, as is the case with every black-market enterprise, this is a selfish action which is detrimental to the greater good of the wider society.
Other than the small financial gain, there is no other benefit to either buyer or seller in acting this way, in fact quite the contrary.
If you do buy your wood pellets in this way, regardless, here are some of the problems that will result:

  • As a customer you are not able to see the quality of the pellets
  • As a customer you do not know how the pellets have been stored
  • As a customer you run the risk of blocking up your stove as extra ash and slag is formed from burning low quality wood pellets

These are just some of the issues and risks of using biomass wood pellets from the black market that you need to be aware of.
And we have not even begun to touch on the ethical and moral dilemma arising when you choose to buy wood pellets in this way.

What can I do to avoid buying wood pellets from the black market?

The easiest thing would be if there was no black market for wood pellets at all.  But there will always be those willing to circumvent the rules.  We advise you to only buy your wood pellets or other biomass fuels from reputable authorised dealers, expert in selling a range of such fuels.  This way you can be sure that all legislation pertaining to wood pellets is being followed.
For example, to find a local reseller you can trust, you can check whether they are approved.  There are a number of certifications applicable in the biofuels industry that can reassure you about the sustainability of your chosen product, and the corporate social responsibility ethos of the dealer.
If you choose to buy wood pellets in this way you can enjoy your wood pellet stove with a far better conscience and the wood stove itself will perform much better.

There are risks to buying wood pellets on the black market

A can be seen from the above, there are some risks associated with buying wood pellets on the black market.  We are aware of the temptation to save a little money, but in reality, having considered the above, you will be able to judge whether or not you are paying too high a price.
You will not know for sure what quality of wood pellets you have purchased until you get them home and start to use them.  As with any other goods, the quality can fluctuate a little, and poor quality wood pellets affect both your heating bill and the condition of your stove.

Have you thought about whether the seller stores the wood pellets responsibly and according to the regulations?
Have you remembered that the quality of the wood pellets is vastly reduced if they are exposed to moisture?
Have you thought that there might have been rats and mice living in wood pellets stored and sold on the black market?

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If you have not thought about these issues, it might be time to reconsider whether or not you should purchase wood pellets on the black market.  You must also bear in mind that it requires a very large and suitable space for storing very large quantities of wood pellets; the kind of proper secure storage space an unscrupulous individual probably does not have access to.  This is why wood pellets sourced from the black market are often stored in an unsuitable manner, and this leads to all the problems highlighted above.
It is, in fact, a disrespectful treatment of an energy source which in the long run will help future generations to mitigate the effect of greenhouse gasses and eventually form a natural part of an overall CO2-neutral energy strategy.

Your wood stove deserves good wood pellets

You have most likely spent no small amount of money on acquiring a wood pellet stove.  And you also spend further money on maintaining it to ensure it functions properly.  But nevertheless, we understand the temptation to then use wood pellets of dubious quality to save a little money.
We would all be tempted by that.
But you run a risk that is not worth taking.  Instead of getting much more green energy for your money, you would risk damaging your wood stove if you fuel it with wood pellets form the black market.

And then you realise that what at first looked like cheap wood pellets have suddenly turned out to be very expensive.

The black market in cheap wood pellets therefore contains a number of significant problems.  These are of a human, economic, environmental and material nature.

We care about the environment

When you buy wood pellets on the black market you do not know anything about them.  You don’t know what the wood pellets are made from and you cannot trust that the packaging is original, or truthful. In this case you probably should not trust the seller either.
It also means that you do not know if the wood pellets are produced from trees that have come from a sustainable source.  This applies in both quality and environmental terms.  We would like to give you more green energy for your money, and we want to do it responsibly.
That is why we need to stand shoulder to shoulder so that the black market in wood pellets of poor quality ceases to exist.  Keep in mind that it stops the minute people stop buying wood pellets there.
At Verdo we make a great deal of selling wood pellets with the proper environmental certification.  This means that you can be sure of getting wood pellets that meet a wide range of strict and specific requirements both in terms of the way they are produced, and with regards to future sustainability.
We are all interested in bequeathing our children and grandchildren a habitable planet where there is still plenty of nature, green forests and a healthy environment.

The black market in wood pellets is organised

You might not like the sound of it, but there are many indications that the black market in wood pellets is well organised.  This means that we no longer only need to consider the individual who sells a little fuel from their van.  It now appears that disreputable companies are going to the lengths of establishing fake business addresses and company names in order to access the market and pass off their fake wood pellets as the genuine article.
This may mean that the problem is much greater than earlier assumed, and we can only hope that the authorised industry, police and other authorities can quash it before it appears so genuine that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between wood pellets from the black market and those from a genuine, honest supplier.
For established, law-abiding distributors of biofuels it is an unequal struggle, where the only thing that works is to keep pressing home the message that wood pellets from the black market are illegal and very bad for your personal finances, your criminal record and your wood pellet stove.  Unfortunately clamping down on the black market in wood pellets is not taken seriously by elected politicians.

Wood pellets must be sold under regulated 


We are distributors of wood pellets and other biofuels.  In this context, we of course are naturally interested in the sale of goods in strict accordance with the regulations.
Quite logically, we have both an economic and moral obligation in relation to our surrounding community.  It is also our duty to insist that this black market in biofuels must be brought to a halt by whatever means it takes.
In the coming years there will be an even greater demand for biofuels as people have to discard their oil-burning stoves.  This is part of the heroic effort to minimise CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.  When replacing their oil stove, many will choose a wood pellet stove and it is absolutely to everyone’s advantage that anyone can buy wood pellets of decent quality.
It is good for our economy, good for our customers and it’s good for the environment.