Sustainable wood pellets are attainable

Or put another way, if you want wood pellets that are of good quality, do not burden the environment, and use local labour, choose wood pellets that are exclusively produced from material from FSC-certified forests.
FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council – but what exactly does this mean?
FSC is a labelling scheme which is given to forest areas where there is a great focus on the environment, animals and plant life, as well as proper working conditions for forestry workers.  Fundamentally, it ensures that the forestry is sustainable. This means not taking wood from the forest at a faster rate than the forest can reproduce itself.  Care is taken to manage the impact of forestry activities on the lives of local residents.

There are FSC forests all over the world.
To gain FSC accreditation a forestry business must comply with the strict, specific requirements established by the council that certification requires.  This ensures traceablility of wood and wood pellets all the way through the supply chain, back to the forest where it was grown.
This applies regardless of the length of the production and supply chain. This all gives the end consumer a high level of confidence that their wood and wood pellets have been produced in accordance with FSC requirements.

We are witnessing a whole new way of thinking about energy

As we stand, we have a clear view of the emerging paradigm shift amongst consumers’ attitudes to sourcing and consumption of energy.
When we think about CO2 emissions, for years we have been told that many small changes made by millions of people can have an impact.  And now this focus on CO2 elimination is starting to bear fruit and we are gradually seeing emissions fall, and some expectations are finally starting to be met.  This drastic change of behaviour and resultant fall in CO2 emissions has only been possible because of strict new rules and a gradual acceptance from society of the role they can play in reducing global warming.
In this respect we must remember that biomass fuels are CO2 neutral and can therefore be beneficially used instead of coal and oil.  Power generators themselves are now beginning to use sustainable biomass energy as part of their overall energy generation strategy to provide supplementary energy when solar of wind power alone is insufficient.
There is therefore the expectation that in future, an increasing amount of our energy will come from environmentally sustainable sources.

Energy consumption must not increase irresponsibly

Nowadays it makes sense to talk about the potential of FSC forests.  We have learned from the past where a heavy consumption of fossil fuels damaged the health of the planet.  It was thought that we could use fossil fuels without consequences, but over-reliance on them wreaked damage to the ozone layer and led to the resource itself becoming scarcer.  We then hoped for an environmental miracle that did not materialize so we had to develop new habits of responsible, sustainable energy consumption.
It takes many centuries for nature to produce oil and other fossil fuels and if we use it faster than nature can replenish it, eventually the resource will dwindle and vanish.  The same is true for the wider environment.
When we harvest biomass energy responsibly we ensure that we do not take the resource faster than nature itself can replenish it, and in some cases we are even increasing production faster than consumption.  In this way we can ensure we have enough energy into the future to meet our needs responsibly without causing further pollution and damage to the planet.

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Why do we only use wood from FSC forests?

At Verdo we are interested in protecting our environment and ensuring a good working environment for the people who work daily in the forest.  We have found this responsible way of doing business, which is consistent with our ethical and moral values, and we like this way of doing business.
But there are also other reasons why we have made the choice to use only wood from FSC-certified forests:

The certification establishes a market and follows the path of other companies that have FSC certification.
Buying wood that is FSC-certified is often cheaper

And this is a fundamental shift in pricing of a decisive nature.  In the past, where FSC-certification was associated with prohibitive costs and awkward paper-trails, it has become much easier today.
This is testament to the fact that the authorities and companies have finally realised that we really need to act now to meet the demands of environmental change.

What does this mean to you as a consumer?

Businesses are now future-proofing themselves to ensure that their products comply with these new ethical standards – an approach that unfortunately is not being adopted by all companies.
But should it matter to you whether or not you purchase FSC-certified wood pellets?
Yes, we believe it should.
Consumers are becoming increasingly critical, which is good, because it means that they are thinking about whether products are worth spending their money on.  Whether this concerns food or floorboards, there is a new demand for authenticity. We want products with soul, and we also want to be able to buy goods that are sustainable.
So, FSC-certification fits very well into this sentiment.  It gives the customer certainty about several things:

That the environment, animal and plant life have been thought about
You know that you are supporting a good cause when you buy wood pellets from an FSC-certified company like Verdo
The forests have a long history which is respected, and nature is well looked-after

These elements all help to make sure that you can use your wood pellets with good conscience, and you get much greener heat for your money.

The future is green and full of hope

After years of neglecting the environment, we have now come to terms with our energy consumption and the pollution we have caused.  The clean-up is now starting in earnest.  By using biomass fuels in our power plants and with, for example, Verdo’s insistence on using only biomass with the proper certification, we are finally taking seriously the source of our energy.