Who we are

"International green energy company –major UK biomass energy player".

We are an international renewable energy company, focusing on sustainable biomass. Our HQ is in Denmark - where we run a biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant - and we have been active in the UK since 2008. We offer a national delivery service from a network of local distribution depots.

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What we do

"Clean green fuel and low-carbon energy"

We operate at all stages of the biomass fuel and energy cycle – mainly in Europe and Africa. This includes generating heat and power from a variety of biomass fuels and supplying top quality wood pellets and briquettes in the UK. We also trade sustainable biomass across the globe. We don’t believe in ‘green speak’ and when we say ‘sustainable biomass’ - we mean it. We achieve this through constant research, product testing, and dialogue with foresters and scientists. Although more than 100 years old, our company has a very modern vision of being a great ‘green’ employer, offering clean ‘green’ products, and supplying superb low-carbon energy solutions.

Why buy from us?

"Quality, Sustainability, Economy"

Three words – Quality, Sustainability, Economy – sum up why you should try VERDO renewables products and services. We offer consistent quality in all our wood fuel products, produced to the ENPlus-A1 standard and with BSL accreditation – we also deliver guaranteed carbon emissions savings. We know prices matter to you and we are committed to competitive pricing. Our real job is to make your experience with our pellets and briquettes and the systems that use them a good one. So customer care from all our staff to ensure repeat business is a top priority. We simply go the extra mile with our quality control, our deliveries, and with our many UK partners.

Who are we

Why use wood pellets?
Wood pellets are an eco-friendly, sustainable way of generating heat. While the eco-friendly label in most cases equal heavy expenses, wood pellets are more than affordable. Compared to traditional heating methods, using wood pellets will save you up to, and occasionally more than, 50 % on your heating costs in the long run.
Summed up, you save money while doing the world a favour. Traditional heating methods are very costly in terms of CO2 – however, wood pellets are a natural resource, providing the best environment for your environment.
Want to learn more about us or the many advantages of wood pellets? Call us on 01264 342 009 or message us.