About bulk blown wood pellets

VERDO Renewables offer a direct, bulk-blown delivery service from our nationwide distribution hubs.

VERDO operate their own fleet of specialist vehicles. These vehicles are operated by highly trained and experienced delivery specialists in order to carry out deliveries to the ENplus standard. We have a range of vehicles. The fleet includes:

  • 6 wheeled, rear-steer, 26 tonne, (13.9t capacity) rigids
  • 8 wheeled, rear-steer, 32 tonne,(18t capacity) rigids
  • Articulated, rear-steer, 44 tonne (27t capacity) trucks

These vehicles are equipped with all of the required equipment to carry out your delivery.


  • Legal-for-trade, Class III weighing equipment
  • Vent assist/extraction units to reduce pressure in pellet silos
  • Storz and Camlock connections
  • Variable lengths of low abrasion delivery pipes
  • Dust socks

By ordering direct from VERDO, one of the UK’s best known, well respected and longest standing ENplus A1 producers, you will be removing any middle-man from the supply chain. This allows VERDO to monitor the supply chain from production to end user, ensuring quality and traceability.  You’ll also find we are competitively priced, helping you to reduce your heating bills.

You can call or email to get in touch with one of our friendly experts who can answer your questions and guide you through our ordering process.

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About bulk blown pellets

The benefits of using wood pellets

Still in doubt? Ordering wood pellets from VERDO guarantees you the highest quality of heating resources. Some of the benefits of purchasing your wood pellets from VERDO are:

-Low price compared to traditional heating methods
-One of the most eco-friendly heating solutions available
-Multiple delivery options
-Direct contact with your provider
-Wood pellets made from natural resources exclusively

Wood pellets from VERDO is a sustainable long-term solution that benefits you as well as the environment. We believe that the most eco-friendly solutions should not be the most expensive ones.
Still not convinced? Call us on 01264 342 009 or message us all the questions you might have regarding VERDO or our wood pellets.