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The Need for Renewable Fuel

Fuel is one of those basic necessities that has always been needed and always will be so that we can live safely and comfortably. Fuel is used for everything from producing electricity to powering our cars and transport. Fuel is used throughout the world and burned in furnaces, generators and fires to create energy and heat so that we can live our lives in comfort. There are many different sorts of fuels and different ones have been favoured at various points. Some types of fuel are fossil fuels and are not renewable whereas others are renewable sources of fuel. It is only more recently that serious attention has been given to what is used for fuel and how renewable these sources are.

Fossil fuels have been used for hundreds of years as they have provided good results and have been seen as the best option for fuels. Although they might produce the desired results the use of fossil fuels releases various chemicals and fumes into the atmosphere which causes damage to the environment. Fossil fuels are fuels that have formed over thousands of years in the ground and include fuels such as coal and charcoal as well as natural gas and oil. As the name suggests, fossil fuels are made up of fossilised materials such as trees and plant life. Coal and oil and similar sources of fuel are not renewable fuels as there are only limited supplies of them which will run out at some point. As these are not renewable sources attention should be given to renewable fuel and energy sources.

One of the more obvious sources of renewable fuel is wood which is ideal for use as a fuel source. Wood is a renewable fuel as when we use trees for fuel supplies we can plant more trees to replace what we have used; as new trees will grow it can be classed as renewable. Wood fuel usually comes in the form of either pellets or briquettes which are ideal for burning. If you use fuel in your home to provide heat either in a boiler or an open fire then you might want to consider switching to a more eco-friendly and renewable source of energy such as wood pellets or briquettes. Wood briquettes and pellets burn just as well as other types of fuel and have the added advantage of not releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. You may also find that it is easy to source your wood fuel locally.

There are a range of renewable fuels and much research is being put into them. Some of these sources are powered by natural elements and include solar power, wind power and tidal energy. All of these things are able to provide adequate supplies of power and energy. The one thing that is easiest for you to change is what you burn to provide heat or energy and it doesn’t take much effort to start buying a renewable fuel such as wood pellets or briquettes rather than relying on limited fossil fuels.

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